by Deborah Jacobs, Vista Murrieta High School

This WebQuest was developed as part of the Teach the Teacher Collaborative at Thacher School. The WebQuest allows the students to create a weekly journal that documents the similarities and differences of the Salem Witchcraft Trials and Senator Joseph McCarthy's Hearings of UnAmerican Activities. This WebQuest was specifically designed with scaffolding to support the Resource Student who may need a bit more direction in completing the assigned tasks.



 How does it feel to live your life in fear of persecution and possible death?  Whether you live in the 1600's or the 1950's, you know what it feels like to be whispered about and feared.  Your friends ignore you, or worse yet, they have turned on you and testify in court against you. Why?  What is it about you that make you seem to be dangerous?   You will use primary source documents and other web resources to explore the experience of persecution in our society and step into the shoes of one of the accused.