by Patricia Hoss, Clara Barton Elementary

On this expedition you will venture into the imaginary worlds of fantasy, fable, myth, legend and fairy tale. Once you get to know each feature, you will compare and contrast your favorites.


Imagination Expedition with Indiana Inchworm



 I am Indiana Inchworm. My cousin Benny Bookworm and I are looking for some adventurers to join our expedition seeking the differences of the imaginative forms of literature.

We will venture high and low to compare and contrast stories of fantasy, fables, myths, legends and fairy tales...

...What did you say Benny? Oh, you are confused. What are you confused about? Oh, you don't understand what compare and contrast means... Well, when we compare something we look at the things that are the same or similar...When we contrast something we look at the characteristics that are different or not the same. Do you understand now?...Good! Oh, you want to give an example...Sure!

Benny says, "so if I am comparing a truck and a car I can say they both have doors, windows and tires...and if I am contrasting a truck and a car I can say the truck has a bed and a tailgate and a car has a trunk."

...Yes Benny! Excellent examples!

It looks like Benny is up for the Quest. Are you up for the quest too?

Great! Let's get trekking...