by Amanda Beisel, Scranton

This WebQuest is designed for a Third Grade Language Arts curriculum. The students will work in cooperative groups, learn about the ice cream making process, design their own package and flavor, and lastly will be making their own homemade ice cream.

Teacher Introduction

       This WebQuest was created for third graders, but can be used for grades 3-5.  It was designed to complement centers themed on Ice Cream. 

        The students will learn about how to make ice cream and will create a new flavor and the package. The time frame I allowed for this activity was one week, depending on how much time you have to work on the WebQuest.

       The students will be studying "How To Make Ice Cream" and will complete a chart of the ice cream making process. They will also be designing a new flavor and creating their own package.  Each group will present their information on a poster board, as a part of their evaluation.

       The students will also watch a short video on "How to Make Homemade Ice Cream."  Then, in their groups they will make ice cream.

The students need no prior knowledge of ice cream making to complete this WebQuest.   This WebQuest is designed from third grade standards in Language Arts.

Language Arts Standards Addressed:

Writing Narrative and Informal Pieces using Images when appropriate                                         Speak using skills appropriate to formal speech situations                                                        Participate in small and large group discussions and presentations.

        Students will also be learning other communication skills such as cooperative teamwork and compromises.