1) Welcome to the empires of Mesopotamia! Throughout this WebQuest you will be reviewing information about three of the main empires: Persia, Babylon, and Assyria. Your first task is to look through the websites below and take notes on information you feel is important in relation to the empires and their rulers. When this section is complete, you will have time to discuss your findings with your peers and add any notes that other students found that you also feel is important. Good luck on your journey!















1) ( Persia)



         Cyrus the Great

4) (Cyrus)



All Three Empires:  Babylon, Assyria, and Persia

1) (Assyria and Babylon)




2) Now that you are experts on the early empires and their leaders, your second task is to answer the questions below using the information from the websites. Be as thorough as you can. You are welcome to look back at the websites as needed. Make sure you answer in complete sentences and make sure you use your critical thinking skills when needed! After all of the questions are answered, you will have group time to discuss the questions with your classmates. You are welcome to add any additional information or gently correct each other if information is wrong. Have fun using your brains to learn more about ancient Mesopotamia!



1)      What is an empire? What is an emperor?

2)      Who is Sargon and what empire did he lead? Which empires ruled the Fertile Crescent?

3)      Who is Hammurabi? What was his code of law? Why was Hammurabi?s Code an important landmark in the growth of civilization? How did Hammurabi control his empire?

4)      How was Assyria able to build an empire? How did they control their empire? What led to the end of the Assyrian empire? (use multi-flow map)

5)      Who replaced the Assyrian Empire? Who led them?

6)      What were some examples that showed New Babylon had wealth and power?

7)      What can happen when a country follows a policy of cruelty toward captured peoples as Assyria did?

8)      In what ways were the Assyrians and the Chaldeans alike?

9)      Who founded the Persian empire? What was his rule like? Why can he be considered a wise emperor?

10)  How did Darius rule, control, and expand the empire?

11)  How did Cyrus?s policy of toleration change the way empires were ruled?

12)  How did the policies of Cyrus and Darius contrast with those of the Assyrians?

3) Your final task is to pick ONE of the following activities to complete. Make sure you put yourself in the place of ancient times, not today. The first 4 topics all relate to writing a report. The last 4 topics are creating a visual to represent your information. Keep in mind that you will be presenting your final product to the class, so be creative and have fun!



1)      Write a compare and contrast essay about the Assyrian, Babylonian, and Persian empires. First create a Double Bubble Map to brainstorm.

2)      Create various sequence charts/Multi Flow Maps about the rise and fall of the four different empires ( Babylon, Assyria, New Babylon, Persia). Then, create a Flow Map of the order of the empires rule.

3)      Write statements from the perspectives of at least one leader from each empire describing his accomplishments as a ruler. Have classmates guess which ruler is being described.

4)      Write a speech from at least one ruler from each empire that they are giving to their empire about the rules, laws, policies, etc. Be very specific and make sure the speech is based on the facts from your research.


5)      Create a poster board, PowerPoint, or some other visual of the different empires explaining the rulers of each.

6)      Create a video, a PowerPoint, or write a paper interviewing at least one ruler from each empire. Ask at least 4 questions per ruler and answer based on the facts.

7)      As a travel guide, create a travel brochure traveling through the different empires. List places to see, rulers of the empires, geography of the empires, etc.

8)      Have students research and write a brief biographical sketch about the life and career of at least one of the rulers from the empires. Students should illustrate their reports with pictures of artifacts and maps associated with that rulers reign.