Essential Question: How do science and technology benefit society? 

Science and technology benefit society in a variety of ways. Science generates ideas which are the guiding principles for technology. New technology allows increased productivity, such as the wheelbarrow for agriculture and paper money for commercial success.  Technology also increases transportation, allowing for exploration, increased communication, and eventually globalization.  This can be seen in the development of new bridges and nautical improvements.  Paper and printing are examples of technology that change the world and benefit society in countless ways.  Books and their mass production allow ideas to spread to large groups of people who may learn and then create new ideas.  The use of paper and printing marked an advanced civilization, as China was more advanced than Europe until Europe began making books.  Technology leads to new trade items which one country wants from another, leading to trade alliances and eventual commercial success.  Technology may benefit one society and not another by leading to advanced weaponry and massive warfare.


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