GROUP WORK: (you will work as a group on this parts 1-3) 

Part I: First your group will list the groups of people the Nazis deemed as "undesirables."  Then identify the colors and symbols used in the Nazi concentration camps to label people as undesirables to the Third Reich and offer an explanation of why you think these colors were used and if they are still used today.


Part II: Each group member will create a replica of the star that the Jewish people had to wear to identify themselves under the Nazi regime.  However, you must find the quote located on the star to receive your construction paper and scissors.  Include this quote in your book, as well.  You also need to explain how the star affected the Nazis and Jews.


Part III: Answer this question: How is Hitler's Aryan race ironic?  Compare the pictures and information to explain the irony.  Picture 1   Picture 2   Picture 3

Explain the characteristics of each Aryan race: where they came from, what they look like, religion, etc.  Also include what Darwinism and Nazism have in common with each other.


INDIVIDUAL WORK: (each person will have their own group to focus on)

Part IV: Each group member will choose one of the following "undesirables" to focus on: homosexuals, gypsies, Jehovah's Witnesses and those with mental/physical handicaps.  Write down interesting facts about their time in the concentration camps, or if they even made it to the concentration camps.

When you have completed parts 1-4, compile all your information into a small book.  Use construction paper folded in half as your cover and computer paper as your pages inside.  You can either type up your information, print it, cut it out and paste it into the book, or if you have nice handwriting, then you can write it out in blue or black ink.  Use some creativity when making your book.  Allow at least one page per part in the book. 

Look through the "Evaluation" link to make sure you are providing enough information and explanation.