by Mona Todd, LeMoyne College

Have you ever wanted to go back and change the course of history? This activity gives you that opportunity!


What if you could go back in time to 1950's America? Though frought with possibilities and prosperity, a darker force was spreading throughout the country like a wildfire: the perceived threat of Communism. At the center of this conflict was Senator Joseph McCarthy (R)- Wisconsin. Like wildfire, McCarthyism spread quickly, turning neighbors and citizens against one another, and mistrust and suspicion soon replaced hope and the promise of a happy future in the hearts and minds of many Americans.
What if the US were a Communist country, rather than a Democratic one? Would such a conflict have occurred? What events lead to the burgeoning sense of patriotism and democracy? What types of events would have led America to favor a Communist, rather than Democratic, society? Would such McCarthy-style investigations have still ocurred?