by Alyson Pilawski, Purdue University Calumet

This WebQuest was designed to give Algebra Students a real life example of how math is used in the real world. The example I used was the Electoral College. For this assignment, students are expected to analyze the Electoral College using math as their basis of analysis.


The Electoral College has been a part of American history since the establishment of the U.S. Constitution.  This process has chosen most of America's Presidents and will continue to do so until Amendments are passed, if any, to change the process. While the Electoral College has played important parts in history, not many people understand the importance of this process and why it was chosen for making the most important decisions for our country: The decision of electing a President!


The purpose of this assignment will be to take a closer look at the Electoral College using Mathematics.  While you may be wondering why we are mixing the subjects of Social Studies and Math, it should be known that there are many applications of math in the real world.  The Electoral College is just one of them.