by Matt Ysusi, University Of Kansas

This webquest is developed to allow students the chance to gain and demonstrate knowledge of all Presidents of the United States through role playing and research. Many students do not know the men that have served the United States and President and furthermore do not know any details about them. This webquest will serve as a fun way to allow students the chance to learn about all the Presidents of the United States. Best used as an introduction into American History course for Middle School.




Throughout the history of the United States, there have only been 43 (about to be 44) U.S. Presidents.  Only 43 (44 soon) humans throughout history have been given that title.  Can you recall every President?  I know it is really tough.  These Presidents however have served the United States of America for almost 220 years.  Think of how much our country has changed since then?  Imgaine how different each President was?  Now imagine if all the past U.S. Presidents were all alive and could meet at a dinner party?  Well guess what?...