Individual Work

 After your region is selected, your job is to complete your specific role selected from the list below.  Remember to think about the traits of human and physical geography.  Humans interact with their physical surroundings and have an impact on the land within each region they live.


?     Tour Guide- research famous people, sites, and historical events related to this region

?     Geologist- research the cause or formation of this region, locate specific landforms (places to visit) and describe each of these in this region

?      Meteorologist- research and describe the climate in this region, discuss activities to do and how the weather impacts these activities

?     Historian- research early settlers to this region, where did they come from  and give reasons why these settlers chose this area

?     Map Maker- Research the natural resources, bodies of water, borders, major cities and highways in your region. Then be able to label them on a map.

To complete your individual role you must first decide what questions you would like to answer. Working with your classmates with the same job title, make a list of the questions you want to answer.  For example, the tour guides from each region will work together and the historians will all work together.  Once you have your questions, use Inspiration to help you create a graphic organizer for your research. 


Once you have determined the information you want to gather, it is time to research.



Since you have decided what questions you need to answer you are ready to research. You may use the printed resources in the classroom, and library.  You may also visit these internet sites for help. 

For all Missouri Regions: 

Missouri Department of Tourism

Missouri Department of Conservation

Missouri State Parks

Geography of Missouri

Missouri facts

Missouri geography and landforms


For more information about Famous Missourians click here.




Glaciated & Alluvial River Plains


Osage Plains


St. Joseph
Northwest Missouri
St. Joseph
St. Louis Arch
Pony Express
Kansas City

St. Louis

Kansas City

Northwest Missouri

Mark Twain



Harry S. Truman State Park
Missouri State Fair
Whiteman Air Force Base

Clinton Main Street
 Katy Trail State Park
 Stockton State Park
 Pomme de Terre State Park 

 Knob Noster State Park
Bothwell Lodge State Historic Site
 Missouri State Fair

About the Area: Pomme de Terre Lake
 Stockton Lake
Osage Lakes



Ozark Highlands


Mississippi Lowlands (Southeast)

Old Homes of St. Louis
Taum Sauk Mountain State Park
Johnson's Shut-In

Southwest Missouri


Elephant Rocks State Park
Ozark National Scenic Riverways
Lake of the Ozarks

Ste. Genevieve
Trail of Tears State Park
Cape Girardeau
Missouri Mines State Park
New Madrid


Big Oak Tree State Park
Bollinger Mill State Historic Site
 Hunter-Dawson State Historic Site
 Mingo National Wildlife Refuge
 West End Diving: Bonne Terre Mine


Letter Writing

Using your graphic organizer, write a friendly letter to our Governor about why your Missouri region is great! This letter should be written in proper friendly letter form to show that you used your research notes.  It should also answer these questions:  Why should people come to visit this area? What makes it unique from the other parts of Missouri?

Before you write the actual letter, you need to organize your thoughts. Use the online interactive Persuasion Map to help you plan your points, or use one of the printable planning sheets.

Persuasion Map Planning Sheet
Persuasive Writing Guide


Type your paragraph using Microsoft Word.  See the scoring guide on the evaluation page. When you have completed your individual role you are ready to move on to group work!


Group Work

When each member of your group has completed each individual role, your group is ready to discuss the type of presentation they will select. Your presentation should inform the citizens of Missouri about your region of the state and encourage them to come and visit. Remember Missouri is the "Show Me State" so use pictures and graphics. Each group member should share the information they completed. Please make it colorful and informative.   Use the scoring guide on the evaluation page.

"I'm from Missouri.... You'll have to SHOW ME!"