by Constance MacFarlane, Lake Region Union High School

This quest is a High School geometry study of transformational geometry. Students will explore and learn the basics of transformations using text, online resources and Geometry Sketchpad. Through this study they will create either a kaleidoscope or a tessellation art piece. As a group, they will also produce a showcase of how they developed their pieces using a form of technology. They may produce a PowerPoint, video or any other showcase using technology.



         Have you ever gazed into a Kaleidoscope and wondered how the creator made it work?  Have you looked at the Art of M.C. Escher and wished you could make a piece of artwork in that style?  This Quest will help you understand how they were created and help you create one of your own.  Through the study of geometric transformations, you will choose to make your own piece of art work or a kaleidoscope of your very own.  You will learn all about bumps, slides turns and flips. You can also put your knowledge of Geometry Sketchpad to work to help you explore transformations and create your work of Art.  Finally you will work with your table members to create a showcase of your creations and how you developed them by a PowerPoint, video, or approved method of your own that includes the use of technology.  Now open your mind and let your creative juices flow.