Getting Started

You will be working in a group of 3 or 4.  Once your team receives its assignment, your first task will be to do some research on your theory.  There are several sources available to you:

Interviews.  Interview teachers, your parents, or administrators to get more information on your topic.

Web-research.   Relevant web sources are listed below. 

Remember to use several sources and to cite each one in your presentation.


Team One - Abiogenesis/Chemical Evolution

Origins - read this on-line textbook to review the theory and experiments

How Did it All Begin? - here is a summary how life evolved from chemicals

A Volcanic Jump-Start to Life? - a new look at Stanley Miller's experiments

Did Life Evolve in Ice?- some old and new experiments by Stanley Miller

Ken Miller- View a You Tube video where Biology Professor and textbook author provides the scientific evidence for evolution

 Team Two - Exobiology/Extraterrestial Source

Introduction to Exobiology  from Duke University Chemistry

Are We Alien Life? - from Scientific American

SETI Institute- The Search for Extraterrestial Intelligence.  Click on the "Allen Telescope" to see a video about SETI's work, and meet the woman that the movie "Contact" was based on.

Alien Safari - see Earth's most extreme life forms and why they may point to life in space


Team Three - Intelligent Design

Intelligent Design- explains Intelligent Design; view the video about disagreements over Darwin.

Intelligent Design on Trial- view this video where the father of ID explains his arguments

Intelligent Design: The Scientific Alternative to Evolution- orginal document

ActionBioScience - read articles and responses about intelligent design

 Team Four - Episcopalian Church and Episcopal Academy

Episcopal Academy- start here to review our school's mission and beliefs

Episcopalian Church - review the history and beliefs of the church

Pennsylvania Diocese - information on our state

Episcopalian Church - review beliefs of the church here



Next Step

You've completed your research.  Now it's time ot put your heads together a figure out how to argue your position.  Review your research and decide as a group how you will convince the Board that the theory you researched is the best available information on the origin of life.  You may want to conduct more interviews to get some ideas. 

Also check out this guide on forming a Persuasive Argument.

Put it all together

You will need to produce a presentation to summarize and present your work.  

Use PowerPoint to summarize your research and your arguments. 

Some PowerPoint tips

Keep it simple - too many bells and whistles distract from your information

Use pictures and links - visuals are good

Don't crowd your pages - too much text is hard to read

Name your sources - include a sources page, including for images

Presentation Prep

Practice your presentation - make sure you are ready for your presentation

Evaluate - check the evaluation page for the rubric