by Paulette Wiggan, Harrison Memorial High

This WebQuest is designed to help Grade 11 Business/Economics students identify the ideal shopping complex available for shoppers and prospective entrepreneurs who wish to site a business in a fast-moving shopping complex.




You travel the streets of Montego Bay on a regular basis. Are you able to identify the right place to shop for the products you need? Most of you do not shop for yourself, especially for the essential products. Your parents or guardians do the shopping. Are you familiar with places they go to acquire these products? Consumers do not just shop anywhere. They have selected places where they go to buy the products they need. The controlling factors of the Marketing Mix, called the 4 Ps (product, price, place, promotion), are the key elements in locating where to shop, as well as where to site a business.

In this assignment you the learner will locate the shopping complex (place) in the metropolitan region of Montego Bay, that is most ideal for a depatrment store. Identify what products are available in each. You will discover that the product (goods or service) offered is dependent on the location and that the price may be closely link to the place. You will use electronic media and devices in gathering data, compiling information (e.g. making a brochure) and presenting your findings.