You will be working on your presentation in pairs.  Each student will conduct their own research and answer all the questions before working together to create one full PowerPoint presentation.

 Use the links following each question to answer the questions that must be addressed in your presentation.

1.  Who is Robert Hooke?  Where and when was he born?  What are his contributions to the microscope?

Robert Hooke 


2.  Who is Anton van Leeuwenhoek?  When and where was he born?  What are his contributions to the microscope?

Anton van Leeuwenhoek 


3.  Why do objects viewed under the microscope appear larger than normal?


      a.  If the magnification of the eyepiece is 10x and the high power objective is 40x, what is the total magnification of the object viewed under the microscope? SHOW ALL WORK!


4.  What is the difference between the compound light microscope and the scanning electron microscope?

Compound vs. Electron Microscope 


5.  What are some advances in science and medicine due to the invention of the microscope?

Impact of the Invention of the Microscope

6.  Here is the link to the microscope diagram. Each student will print, label, and color the parts of the microscope. List the functions for each part of the microscope. 

Microscope Diagram 

7.  Click on the link below to complete a fun virtual electron microscope activity.

Virtual Electron Microscope