Collect the letters to spell the word S-O-U-N-D.



Click HERE to open the packet you will use for this WebQuest.


S -  Click on the link below.

>Write 3 things you have learned from the video inside your Sound Circle Map.

Music and Sound Video


Click on the link below.

>Write 3 more things you have learned from the video inside your Sound Circle Map.

Extreme Sound Video


O - Click on the link below.

>Read and then answer the questions in your packet.

What is Sound? 



U - Click on the link below to read a Vocabulary Power Point Presentation.

>Create a vocabulary book for 5 vocabulary words.

>Make sure you include the definition, sentence, and a picture for each word.

Sound Power Point Presentation.ppt



N - Click on the links below to learn about making your own instrument.

>Design your instrument inside your packet.

>Make your own instrument. 

***Designing and making your instrument will be a homework assignment. 


Kids Talk About Instruments They Made

Kids Talk About Instruments They Made - No Sign-In 





Make Your Own Instrument 


Instrument Ideas 

Instrument Lab 



D - Click on the 'How Do We Hear Sound' link to read about how we hear sound.

> Use what we have learned in class and what you have read to write about how we hear sound.

>Draw a diagram of an ear.


>Record one interesting fact. Tell why you think that fact is interesting.


How Do We Hear Sound? 



*We use decibels to measure sound. Click the link below to look at a Decibels Chart.

Decibels Chart


*Try reading an AR Book about Sound.


****Have fun checking out these links at home and at the computer lab.

1. Explore the Virtual Sound Exhibit.

Virtual Sound Exhibit


2. You will love the interactive Instrument Storage Lab. Click on each instrument and then click on the ear to hear the instrument.

Instrument Storage Lab 


3. Find out if loud music can hurt your ears. Make sure you click 'listen' so the page will be read to you.

 Can Loud Music Hurt My Ears?


4. Test your knowledge of sound by listening to sounds and naming them. How many sounds can you name?  

Sound Cards 


5. Sid the Science Kid is so cool! Watch a video by clicking on the link below.

>Then click on 'Investigations.' 

>Click the down arrow until you find 'Sound Garden.' Click on it to watch the video.

Sound Garden - Sid the Science Kid 


6. Take a look at this video about making a Super Sounding Drum. Do you think you could make one?

Super Sounding Drum Video


7. Do you want to hear some whale sounds? 

 Whale Sounds 


8.Enjoy learning about sound and hearing on this interactive website!

(Takes a moment to load)

Interactive Sound Website 


9. Interested in changing sounds? Well you found the right place! Click on the link below and check it out!

(Takes a moment to load)

Interactive Sound Website 


10. Who loves to play the piano? Well, now you can play one on the computer! 

You can even change the chords!

Explore with frequency and rhythm too!

(Piano takes a moment to load)

Play Piano 


11. Isn't learning about sound fun? Click 'next' as you listen your way through this website. At the end, you will listen to the notes and guess the song. How do you think you will do?

Mysterious Melodies 


12. Do you like to color? Click on this link. Then print the page. You will get to color the ear! You will also match each word to the correct definition.

(Takes a moment to load)

Diagram of Ear 


13. Highlight the word Reindeer Orchestra.

>Then right click on the word and choose 'copy.' 

>Next, go to Google.


>Click on search box once you arrive at Google.

>Right click and choose 'paste.' Press enter.

>Click on 'Reindeer Orchestra.'

> Click on 'Reindeer Orchestra' again and click 'Play.'

>Have fun playing Jingle Bells and Deck the Halls.


14.  This is such a fun song!

Vibration Song 


15. Check out these videos! If you aren't a member of Teacher Tube, then click on the link that says 'No Sign-In.'

Kids Talk About Sound 

Kids Talk About Sound - No Sign-In

Frequency, Pitch, Amplitude Video 

Frequency, Pitch, Amplitude Video - No Sign-In