by Carla Massey, Northern Arizona University NAU

This is a lesson about natural disasters, particularly earthquakes, designed for fourth graders. We will read the Magic Tree House story "Earthquakes in the Morning" to start us off and from there will use many different strategies to learn about earthquakes.




What would you do if you woke up in the morning and the ground was shaking? Would you wonder what could be causing it? When the ground shakes real hard real fast, an earthquake is more than likely occurring, and we will find out all about them while working on our new earthquake project. We begin by read "Earthquake in the Early Morning," a story about Annie and Jack's experience with an earthquake. This book is a part of the Magic Tree House collection written by Mary Pope Osborne, and is one of the many adventures Jack and his sister Annie go on. In this adventure Jack and Annie learned many things about earthquakes and so will we. For example we will learn what causes earthquakes, where they happen most, why they happen so often in certain places, how this affects society, and what scientist are doing to keep society safe when an earthquake occurs.

Here goes, hang on to your desk.