Today you will learn all about your lungs and what happens when you breathe in and breathe out!

1. Please watch this short video about your lungs. After you finished watching the video, discuss it with your partner. Write down anything you thought was important.

2. As you can see, your lungs are one of the major parts of the respiratory system. Now you are going to summarize what happens when we breathe in and when we breathe out.

3. Now that you are an expert on your lungs, please draw a diagram of your lungs and the respiratory system. You will need the worksheet, "Diagram of the Lungs and Respiratory System." Here are some models to look at:

Remember: you only need to label the BRONCHUS, the ALVEOLI, the BRONCHIOLES, the TRACHEA, and the DIAPHRAGM. You may label more parts if you want but you only need these five!

4. CONGRATULATIONS! You have just written your first article and drawn your first picture for your magazine!

You are almost done for the day! The last thing you need to do is write your summary on good paper (you may also type it)! Then, please put your good summary and your diagram in your Science Folder. 



Today you needed to learn how we breathe because tomorrow you learn what is in a cigarette and why it is harmful to breathe it in! 





 Have you ever wondered what is in a cigarette?

1. Please take a took at this picture. These are all of the poisons that are found in cigarettes. Please discuss this with your partner. Pretty scary, huh?

2. Cigarettes are made from tobacco. Please read "What is tobacco?" to find out more information about tobacco.

3. There are many poisons found in cigarettes. You are going to focus on the three main ingredients: nicotine (found in tobacco), tar, and carbon monoxide.

                       a. Smoking and Disease (you must scroll down)

                       b. Why Is Smoking Bad For You?

4. Now you know what is in a cigarette, you can see how harmful it is to our bodies.

                       a. The same websites you used above.

                       b. Smoking Stinks

                       c. How Does Smoking Affect Our Lungs

                       d. Smoking and Its Effects

5. Now you must take all of the information about what is in a cigarette and how harmful cigarettes are to write your second magazine article.

6. Please put all of your papers in your Science folder.

Another Great Job Today! You are really thinking!

Tomorrow you will learn how you can stay smoke-free!



What You Can Do to Stay Smoke-Free


Yesterday, you learned about the dangers of smoking. Today you will discover ways you can stay smoke-free. You will learn how to be "Too Smart to Start!"

1. Finish your article from yesterday if you haven't already. Remember you must write (or type) a good copy of your second article.

2. Take a look at these two web articles. They will give you and your parents some ideas about how to never start smoking.

3. Now you have some ideas about how to stay smoke-free. You are going to write your last magazine article. You are going to make a list of top ten ways you (and your fellow students) can stay smoke-free.

                       a. Outdoor Activities

                       b.  Indoor Activities

                       c.  Staying Healthy

                       d. Arts & Kids

                       e. Plays: The Drama Magazine for Youth

                       f. Children's Music


4. You will need to write or type a good copy of your third article. Please put all of your papers in your science folder.

 You are doing great! You have finished all of your articles!

Tomorrow you will work on your magazine cover and table of contents.




1. First, you need to design a magazine cover. Here are some things to remember:

                        a. Magazine Covers

                        b. Ranger Rick

                        c. Jack and Jill

2. Next you need to design a table of contents.

                        a. "Yes Mag:" Science Magazine

You can put your magazine together anyway you would like.

You can use construction paper and cut and paste the information or you can design everything on the computer.

It's all up to you! You are the magazine editors!





 Today you will be presenting your magazine to the class.

1. Look over these websites for some presentation tips:

2. Remember to speak clearly and slowly. All of your classmates want to hear what you have to say!

3. Listen to your classmates and ask questions!