by Tiffany Graves, James Madison University

This webquest is designed to allow students the opportunity to not only learn more about China and its culture, but to also present information about this place with others. Students will have the opportunity to explore different resources about China and compile their research to plan a trip.


Discover China, and plan a trip for an entire week! You will have to plan a trip for a family of four, but first, just like any other travel agent, you have to do research about the destination, to provide insight to the travelers!



China is the world's third largest country by area and the largest by population. More than one-fifth of the world's total population lives within its borders. China gave birth to one of the world's earliest civilizations and has a recorded history that dates from some 3500 years ago. Zhonghua, the Chinese name for the country, means "central land", a reference to the Chinese belief that their country was the geographical center of the earth and the only true civilization.

China's earliest cities evolved in the 15th century BC under the Shang dynasty. Cities were long important to ceremonial functions. Within the last two centuries, Chinese cities have achieved great importance as industrious and productive cities.

The Chinese have had a written language for more than 3000 years. Although the Chinese language comprises more than a dozen major spoken dialects, all writing is done with the same script, or characters. This literary unity has been significant to the historical unity of the Chinese people.