by Tanya German
Dafni Sahpazis
Sarah Stevens

Students are to choose a career that they might have in a gold rush town, create a character and their story, describe/draw their town, and write a letter home from their point of view.



Howdy, Pioneers! Today is April 17th, 1849, and your parents just told you that you are going to move from your home in Little Rock, Arkansas to Golden Gulch, California to go find some gold!

You are feeling sad because you will miss your friends and family back home, but the thought of moving is a little exciting. What new sights will you get to see and what adventures will you have? What kind of people will you meet? Where will you live? Your thoughts are interrupted by Momma calling you over to help load the wagon.

The next morning, Pa wakes you before the sun is up and you begin your long journey. As you begin your trip, visit this site to see what the journey might have been like for a child like you.