by Eduardo Sebayan, Teachers College

This webquest will guide students through planning and budgeting a trip to Japan while exploring the cultures and cuisine of the country. The students will prepare a presentation about their itinerary for a family of four with a budget of $12000 and thereby explore the complexities of planning an all inclusive itinerary.



The land of the rising sun, Japan, is a country often shrouded in wonder. There is so much to say about Japan. Younger kids think of the land of video games, manga , and anime. However, there is also a rich history and culture that spans all through the centuries. Whether it’s the futuristic and the populous city of Tokyo, or the old majestic city of Kyoto with its many temples, or the many cuisines of Osaka, there is surely something in Japan that is of interest to anyone.

What would you do if you had a limited amount of time and money to spend in Japan? Would you spend all your resources in the expensive but futuristic city of Tokyo? Would you explore the historical sites of Kyoto or do a tour of the natural hot springs that are scattered all over Japan in every region? Of course you can try to do a bit of everything, but can you afford it?

In what follows we will discover more about the many faces of Japan while trying to plan the best trip incorporating your own personal interests.

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