by DEBRA ROBERTS-GARSKE, Fruita 8/9 School

What is the purpose of studying the Holocaust? Why do the events from World War II matter to us today? In this WebQuest students will explore five essential questions relating to the 1940's and how they effect us today.



As a member of the Monument Museum of History Board of Directors, I am pleased to announce our newest installation to commemorate World War II.

Because you are a well respected cultural anthropologist, it is my pleasure to invite you to present a proposal for our newest installation.  

The exhibits we are looking for will make a connection from the 1940s to today's society. 

We are looking forward to your presentation!  Please contact me as soon as possible with your display idea and to set up a presentation time.  If you have any further questions concerning this invitation, please feel free to contact me.




Director of New Installations

Monument Museum of History