by Yoko Penniman, Instructor Of Japanese, Wells College

Students design an itinerary to go to Kyoto, Japan for three days. By approaching this WebQuest as three different roles (a Father, a Mother, a Teenager), students as a group make a family trip plan which will satisfy all family members' interests.


(Golden Pavilion)

The city of Kyoto is the former capitol of Japan, and has been considered “the mother of culture within Japan” since the decision to move the capital to Kyoto was made in 794 CE. Unlike Tokyo, the current capitol of Japan, Kyoto still has many historical and traditional elements of the Japanese culture. These elements can be seen not only through Kimono, a Japanese traditional costume, and the tea ceremony, but also through architecture, gardens, and even food. If a person wishes to deepen his or her knowledge of traditional Japanese culture, Kyoto is one of the best cities to visit.

 In this WebQuest, your job as a group is to make a family travel plan for a three-day trip to Kyoto in mid-May.  You will approach this WebQuest as a father, mother, and a teenage girl who have different interests.   It is very important to satisfy all family members on this trip. Let’s make a fun and interesting trip for this family!