by Hayley Buckman, Missouri State University

Students will create their own monument that will be built in Washington D.C. based on one of the three branches.




   The United States Government has a very important job for you.  A law was passed last week approving the building of a new monument on the National Mall in Washington, DC.  Because of your interest and knowledge of the US government, they have chosen you to research and design this new monument.  The law states that the monument must represent one branch of our nation's government and can not be taller than the Washington Monument.  The design idea is up to you.  A brochure also needs to be made about your monument for future tourists. The members of Congress would like to see your completed ideas at their next session which is in five weeks.  In order for them to use your design you must meet this deadline as well as explain your monument.

How are the three branches of government important to the United States?  What will visitors learn about them when they visit your monument?  What guidelines must be followed while creating your design?  These are important questions to think about as you plan and design your Monument on the Mall.