by Brittany Delcourt, Augustana College

This WebQuest gives students an opportunity to discover how to determine which cell phone plan is most cost effective on a given budget. It allows students to see how graphs can be useful in creating a graphic representation of data.


Now that you are officially in High School, your parents have decided to let you get a cell phone. But there's a catch--you have to decide which plan will be the best in the long term. Your parents know that you have been working with graphs and numbers in Algebra, and they need you to prove that you are ready to handle the responsibility of getting a cell phone. 

Not onlly will you be responsible for finding a cell phone plan for yourself--but for your entire family (including any siblings your age or older). By looking at long term cell phone plans from at least three different carriers, you will be asked to make an informed decision as to which one works best for your families needs and budget. 

  Good Luck!!!!