Time Travel!

Before you can create your scrapbook, you will have to travel back in time to the land of Ancient Greece and find out everything you can!


You have all been put into groups of four, and each person in the group is going to be looking for different information.  Here are the four categories of Ancient Greece that you will be looking at:

1. Literature (including Theatre)

2.  Science and Technology

3.  Art and Architecture

4.  Religion and Mythology

Talk to your group and decide which of you is going to be researching which topics.  Fill out this sheet and turn it in to me so I know what each group member is responsible for.


What each person is responsible for when they research their topic:

Each group member will research their topic on their own and find what they think is important. Keep these questions in mind when you do your research, they will help make your project better in the end!

Collect six images that show what you found in your travels.  Make sure that you can describe why these images are important to your topic.  You can also find quotes that show what the image you chose means (but you don't have to).

Print out the six images that you chose and write out a short paragraph (3-4 sentences) for each of them.  The short paragraph should describe why the image is important, what it means, and if it is something that we see today.  This is also where you can put any quotes you found.


Here are the links to websites you can use for your research:

*Ancient Greece

*Amarandi Barrett's Greece for Kids

*Ancient Greece by Junior High Kids

*Greek Mythology


*Cyber Sleuth Kids

*Social Studies for Kids-Ancient Greece


We Are Back!

Now that we are back from our time travel (in other words, done researching), we are going to create something that shows what we saw and learned!

You will come together as a group and share the information you learned and show the images that you found.  All four of you will now create a group scrapbook that you will present to the class!

The scrapbook will be a total of ten pages, one is the cover page, one is the end/reference page, and there will be two pages per topic in between.  

Each group member will create two pages with their images and captions, and everyone in the group will create the cover and end pages.


Guidelines for the Scrapbook:

1.  For the cover page, come up with a title and find a picture that you think represents Ancient Greece.  It can be a map, a picture, a person, or a certain place.

2.  For the end page, make sure to include all of the group members names and then list the websites that you used to get your images and information.

3.  For each person's topic, you will make 2 pages for the scrapbook.  Each page will have 3 images and the captions (small paragraphs) you wrote.  

 4.  Be neat!  Glue the images in nicely, print neatly, make sure everything is where it should be and that everything makes sense!

5.  Be creative!  Use different colors, arrange pictures in different ways, make it look interesting!