by Sherilyn Crawford, San Diego State University

This project allows students to explore different aspects of the Ancient Greek culture as a group and culminate the information they find into a collective scrapbook that they will share with the rest of the class.

Teacher Introduction

Hi fellow teachers!  I designed this lesson and this webpage in an effort to get sixth graders excited about the unit on Ancient Greece.  This project will be their first exposure to the subject of Ancient Greece, and it is designed for them to be able to learn about it on their own terms, and find what is interesting to them.  The reason I designed it this way is because in order for students to get excited about a subject, they have to be interested in what they are learning about.  Using this group scrapbooking idea lets them individually decide what they think is important about a certain aspect of the Ancient Greek culture, and then collectively work together to create a scrapbook that highlights the journey that they take.  By leaving it in more of a broad base, you will find less of an overlap between the groups so it is not just the same group presentation over and over.  What's great about having these scrapbooks is that you as the teacher can figure out what interests the students and use that information to continue with the unit and expand on those interests and hopefully keep their attention throughout the unit.  Not only keep their attention, but keep them excited about learning about Ancient Greece!