Looking back:

After completion of the museum walk, you will be asked to make connections about what you have learned.  In a one page reflective essay, discuss how what you have learned about your area of expertise relates to another theme and another genre.  Your goal is to synthesize an entire outlook on the aspects of Romanticism by making connections.

Test Your Knowledge:

After students complete the tour of their museum, they will compete in Test Your Knowledge. Each student has a 3 x 5 card and they will engage in a competition to find commonalities between items displayed in the museum, but from different genres. For example, the student may connect the painting of Lady Macbeth to poem  to a piece of Romantic poetry by Edgar Allen Poe called Annabel Lee. Walt Whitman's poem, "As If A Phantom Caress'd Me," may be connected to a piece of prose by Herny James called The Turn of The Screw. Students write down the name of the pieces, the genres, and describe the similarities between the two pieces. This will be a ten minute race to see who can write down the most accurate connections between pieces from different genres and the two winners with the most correct choices will win museum passes to a local museum to attend with one guest.

Looking Forward:

For those particularly interested in the interior design aspects of this project, here is a resource list related to interior design and creating your own art installation:

For additional exposure to museums with popular content, here are several other examples:

For aspiring artists: 





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