by Duncan Morrissey
Lisa Tattoli, SDSU

In this WebQuest, the students will research and present their new knowledge of certain themes of the Romantic Movement (monstrosity, nature, passion, and experience vs. innocence) as they appear in Romantic art (music, poetry, visual art, and novels). They will use the internet to find information, gather samples of images, poetry, literature, and music to display in their museum wing, collaborate on how to design the wing, and prepare live readings and explanatory presentations to give to museum patrons. The students will become research experts, curators, and docents in their very own Modern Museum of Romanticism.


The board of Directors of the Modern Museum of Romanticism would like to hire you to design an exhibit about Romantic art, music, poetry, and prose.  Your job will be to educate the general public about Romantic art, music, poetry, and prose, and the board is expecting your team of experts to research, organize, and create a museum based on four main themes of Romanticism: monstrosity, nature, passion, and innocence vs. experience. They would like to make you a curator, who designs the museum space, as well as a docent, who enlightens audiences with explanations of art, music, and literature.