by Duncan Morrissey
Lisa Tattoli, SDSU

In this WebQuest, the students will research and present their new knowledge of certain themes of the Romantic Movement (monstrosity, nature, passion, and experience vs. innocence) as they appear in Romantic art (music, poetry, visual art, and novels). They will use the internet to find information, gather samples of images, poetry, literature, and music to display in their museum wing, collaborate on how to design the wing, and prepare live readings and explanatory presentations to give to museum patrons. The students will become research experts, curators, and docents in their very own Modern Museum of Romanticism.

Teacher Introduction

Instructors: Please consult this website for guidance on how to begin the process of turning your classroom into a museum to showcase your student's art from the Romantic Period. Classroom Museum Process. The amazing part about creating the museum within the classroom is that students have the power to recreate the time period to suit their unique artistic visions. Creating a museum that will be on display can be shared with the entire school and this can be especially helpful for instructors who want students to develop background knowledge, artistic awareness, and appreciation for art, music, poetry, and prose who may not otherwise be exposed to such artistic beauty. Many schools can not take field trips to local museums, but this project allows students to build museums within their classrooms.