First, you will be assigned as an expert prepared to master one specific theme and genre within Romanticism.  There are four themes (monstrosity, nature, passion, innocence vs. experience) and four genres (visual art, music, poetry, prose).  Your goal will be to research your "expert" area (theme and genre), discuss with other experts within your specialized genre (e.g. "poetry") and then your theme (e.g. "nature").  After your expertise has been developed, select a work from your genre (e.g. "poetry) to display in your wing of the museum (one piece per student). Each wing will be based on a specific theme within Romanticism.

Then, prepare a script in which you discuss why you have chosen to include the specific work and how it exemplifies your assigned theme within Romanticism.  You will record yourself reading this on video and display it for the benefit of museum goers. 

Finally, you will conduct a gallery walk in which you reflect on and discuss the work of your peers with other museum experts present during this "opening night event."  You will be required to write a thoughtful reflection in which you relate what you learned to works from the other wings.