This video of the “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing” Coke commercial shows people from different ethnicities, and was filmed in 1971, during the Vietnam War.  I usually point out that unity and racial equality was still an idea in its infancy, and this was a significant commercial given the social climate of the time. Discuss Transfer and Underlying Message.

This commercial uses humor to reel you in, and the message is difficult to forget.  Life comes at you fast.  Discuss Slogan, Cause-Effect.

These 2 videos are Mayhem commercials from Allstate and one commercial from State Farm, which uses a jibe at “cut rate” insurance.  Discuss Name Calling.

Range Rover commercial – what are they really selling?  Discuss Snob Appeal, Logo, Glittering Generality

Grey Poupon - Discuss Snob Appeal

GM Fleet commercial – discuss Plain Folk

 Nolan's Cheddar - Seriously Strong -  Discuss Confusion, double meaning words

Going to Disneyworld, Doritos, KFC – Discuss Bandwagon

Ashton Kutcher Nikon - Discuss Celebrity Endorsement

Discuss Price Appeal

ASPCA commercial – Discuss Emotional Appeal

Head-on Commercial – Discuss Repetition

Iphone 4 - Discuss Technical Jargon

Allstate good hands, State Farm good neighbor – Discuss Slogan

Nissan – Discuss Stacking

Disney Friends for Change, Hyundai – Discuss Friendship Appeal, Testimonial