Visit  How the Body Works.  Click on "Muscles" and then "Movie".  Watch the movie and answer the following questions:

Name the three types of muscles you have in your body.

Which type of muscles help our bodies move?

How do your muscles know when to move?

What muscles help you move your shoulders?


Visit Your Gross and Cool Body. Answer the following:

How many muscles do you have in your face?

Draw a picture of yourself.  Draw an arrow to your largest muscle.


Visit  Muscular System.  According to this selection, what does the word "contract" mean?


Visit  Muscle Systems 2.  What type of construction equipment is compared to muscles in this selection?


Visit How Stuff Works and read the section entitled "The Backhoe".  Explain in words and pictures how this equipment is similar to your arm.


 Power Write:  Independently, write a narrative from the perspective of your bicep muscle.  Explain why you are important to the body and include any other important and/or interesting facts you learned during your webquest.  Be creative!