by Steve Tanksley, Petersen PDS

This Web Quest is designed for upper elementary and middle school students. It focuses on robotics. Bill Gates in a recent article described how robotics will be a rapidly growing field in future. Many students will have opportunities in this field that previous generations never experienced. This Web Quest allows for students to explore this field and acts as a springboard for actually designing robots of their own.


The future is now, or at least nearby.  The robotics industry is expected to grow ten-fold in the next 15 years.  Some are predicting that the time when many homes will have their own personal robot is quickly approaching. Can you imagine robots being as common as personal computers?  Are you someone who could be a future robotics engineer or robotics technology professional? Maybe you will own one of these personal robots some day.  This webquest is designed to introduce you to robotics.  Not only will you use learn about robots, you will eventually design, build and program you own robot.