Getting to Know Your Lighthouse 

The first thing that your group needs to do is begin your research.  You may use classroom resources, books, magazines, and the Internet to help you.  Make sure to take notes while you research.  Write down information that you think is important and where you found that information.  You will turn in a list of references with your brochure. 

Here are some websites to introduce you to the lighthouses:

 Carolina Lights

 Lighthouse Friends

 NC Beaches

 North Carolina Outer Banks Lighthouses

 Outerbanks Lighthouse Society

 UNC - North Carolina Lighthouses

 United States Coast Guard

 The Beach Bum

 These are just some websites to get you started.  You will need to use other websites, books, magazines, and classroom resources in your research.  

It is very important that everyone in the group is doing research, collecting information, and taking notes. 

After you have gathered information, share the information with the whole group.  You may notice that you need more information about some topics.  You may find that you have information that is different from someone else's information.  You may also find that you have enough research about some topics.

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What Goes in the Brochure and What Doesn't

Once your research is complete, it is time to design your brochure.  As a group, you will decide what should, and should not, be included on the pages of your brochure.   Make sure that you include everything found in the rubric.  The rubric is located in the Evaluation section of the WebQuest.

You will also decide how to organize the information in the brochure.  Where will you put the different information you have found?  What will go on each page? What will be on the cover to make people want to read the brochure? 

Your group will make a rough draft (pencil and paper) to help you with the layout of your brochure.  You do not have to write your information on the rough draft.  The purpose of the rough draft is to help you decide what will go on each page.   


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Making Your Brochure

Now that your rough draft is complete, it is time to word process your brochure.  You will use Microsoft Word to create your brochure. 

Steps for creating a brochure on Microsoft Word:

1.  Open a blank document.

2.  Under PAGE LAYOUT, click on ORIENTATION. 

3.  Choose LANDSCAPE orientation.

4.  Under PAGE LAYOUT, click on COLUMNS.

5.  Click on MORE COLUMNS. Choose THREE COLUMNS.  Check the box LINE BETWEEN.  Click OKAY.

6.  Click on MARGINS.  Choose NARROW.  

7.  You will have to type one column at a time.  After the column is full, a line will appear and you can type in the next column. 

Make sure that your brochure is easy to read, the information is organized, and there are plenty of pictures! 

Steps for adding pictures to your brochure:

1.  Right click on a picture. Click on COPY.

2.  On your Word document, right click on the place where you want the picture to be.  Click on PASTE.

3.  Resize your picture as needed.

Your brochure needs to be professional.  You must use correct grammar, capitalization, punctualtion, and spelling.  You may need to edit and revise your brochure before you turn it in.


When your brochure is finished, turn it in with your resource list. 

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