Your group will select one of these five North Carolina lighthouses to research:


Currituck Beach, Bodie Island, Cape Hatteras, Ocracoke, or Cape Fear. 

You will learn as much about your lighthouse as you can, including (but not limited to):

 - location,

 - history,

 - dimensions,

 - light beam features,

 - reasons for building,

 - local information,

 - ghosts (if any...), and

 - unique characteristics.

This information can come from Internet sites, books, magazines, and/or the visitor's centers, county offices, and national parks resources I have in the classroom. 

You will use the information you find to create a lighthouse brochure.  Your brochure will contain information about the lighthouse that you think visitors will find interesting and helpful.   Make sure that your brochure is visually appealing and easy to read.  Include many pictures, facts, and a map.  Remember who your audience is: tourists, vacationers, and visitors who want to learn about the lighthouse.