View the video The Skeletal System

Then use the Kids Health website to complete the "Your Bones" worksheet.  Be sure to read ALL eight pages of the article on the Kids Health webpage.  To advance to the next page click on the continue arrow at the bottom of each page. 

Now that you have completed your worksheet it is time to test your knowledge.  Take this Bones Quiz.  When you have completed the quiz print out your results and turn it in along with your worksheet. 





Complete the "How The Body Works" worksheet by labeling the parts of the skeleton.  If you get stuck you may look back at the Kids Health website.  Turn in worksheet when finished.    



With a partner you will create a life-size skeleton with labels.

1. Pick a partner

2. Gather materials:  "How The Body Works" worksheet, colored pencils, 5 foot length of butcher paper

3. One partner will lay on the paper

4. The other partner will trace the student on the paper

5. Draw and label an accurate skeleton within the outline using the "How The Body Works" worksheet to guide you