by Emily Fraser, University Of Portland

Modified by Barbara Day, Phillips Traditional School

An exploratory adventure, based on the book "The Sign of the Beaver", written by Elizabeth George Speare.


Imagine that you are living in 1768. Your family has decided to move to the undeveloped wilderness of what is now Maine.  You and your dad go first in order to build a cabin and prepare things for your mother and sister. Once the cabin is complete, your father returns to Massachusetts for the rest of your family, a trip that should take about 7 weeks. He leaves you all alone to tend to the cabin and crop of corn. He promises to return by the end of August, leaving plenty of time before the cold, long, winter sets in.  

In this activity you will time-travel to another era, and imagine that you are the main character, Matt, age 13. You will also encounter a new culture: the Penobscot Indian tribe. You will learn a lot about yourself, and survival in the wild. Will you be able to adapt to your new life?