Surviving in the Wilderness

(designs and oral presentation)


Student presents a plan which has little detail.  Presentation was difficult to follow and/or hear clearly.

Student presents a plan which includes a few interesting details.  Some of the presentation was disorganized or difficult to hear.

Student presents a thoughtful plan or design which includes several interesting facts.  Presentation is mostly organized and interesting to the group.

Student presents a thoughtful creative plan or design.  Presentation is organized, holds the interest of the group,  and demonstrates knowledge of subject.



Letters in the voice of Matt
Student completes less than 3 letters. Little or no attention is paid to proper tone or accuracy of the story.  Student completes less than the 4 required letters and/or with multiple errors. Little attention is paid to the details of the story. Student completes 4 letters with minimal errors. Most of the time writing was done in the voice of Matt.
Student submits all 4  letters with minimal errors, and with examples and details from the story. Student writes well in the voice of Matt.
Group Participation
Student did not participate in the group
Student participated minimally in the group activity
Student participated in group activity most of the time
Student was an active contributing member of the group


Alternative Ending
No effort made to present a creative  alternative ending.
Minimal effort is made to present a viable alternative ending to the story. Much effort and thought given to presenting a viable ending to the story.
Alternative ending is creative and culturally accurate. Accurately reflects the tone of the novel and is written in the proper voice. 

Mechanics:  Spelling, Capitalization, Punctuation Grammar, Sentence and Paragraph Structure. Neatness

Student had many errors in capitalization, punctuation, spelling, grammar, and/or sentence and paragraph structure.  Work was messy and difficult to read.
Writing has some messy areas, and has several mistakes in spelling punctuation, capitalization, grammar.  Student did not write in paragraphs and/or complete sentences. Writing is completed using mostly correct mechanics, including spelling, capitalization, punctuation, grammar and sentence structure and is mostly neat. Writing is neat and  completed using correct mechanics including spelling, capitalization punctuation, grammar, sentence structure, and paragraphs.