by Carole Birdsong, Asbury Elementary School

Modified by Barbara Day, Phillips Traditional School

The students will learn about the factors leading to the American Revolution. After conducting their research, they will write letters from the point of view of either a patriot or a loyalist.


This WebQuest is designed for students to gain a deeper understanding of the reasons behind the Revolutionary War.  

There's a Revolution Coming!!

Which side will you be on?













Will you be a Patriot? 
    Patriots served in the Continental Army that fought against the British.
Will you be a Loyalist?
    Loyalists stayed loyal to England and King George III.

You will work with a partner.  You will draw to find the side of the Revolutionary War that you will report about.  As a team, you will create a letter to the opposing side explaining why your side is the better choice.

Your letter must contain three things:
1.  Your opinion of King George III with supporting facts.
2.  Your opinion of the Declaration of Independence with supporting facts.
3.  Your opinion of one of the three Virginians that played a role in the Revolution, Patrick Henry, George Washington, or Thomas Jefferson with supporting facts.

 Before you begin to write, you will need to learn about these people and issues.  Use the note taking form to record your information. Be sure to take notes thoroughly.  The better your notes are, the easier writing the letter will be.  Your notes will be part of your final grade.