Before starting your task, please click on: watch a video by National Geographic, titled "Tombs of Ancient Egypt." It will provide an overview of ancient Egypt for your group.

Within each of your groups of four, each member will develop an area of expertise. Each member of your group will have to decide on and select an area in which he/she would like to be an expert from among the following topics:

Fast Facts About Egypt : geography, language spoken, famous places, interesting tidbits

Walk Like An Egyptian: daily life in ancient Egypt , clothing, food, families, boys and girls, school

Egyptian Hieroglyphics: What are they? Why were they used? Samples of hieroglyphics

Egyptian PyramidsWhat do they look like? Where are they? Why were they built? Who built them?

Once the selection process is completed, each of you must visit at least 3 websites under your “expert” topic you have selected and write 5-8 facts about your topic from each of the 3 websites. Record the facts on your fact sheets. Your facts do not need to be written in complete sentences at this point. Be sure to print out at least 3 fact sheets for each member of your group.





Once you have completed your through investigation of the sites and have your written notes, you are to combine your knowledge with that of the rest of your group. Use PowerPoint to create a multimedia travel brochure promoting ancient Egypt . Your presentation should have at least 10 slides.


Please include the following:

  A convincing opening

 Each “expert” should contribute no less than two slides on his or her own special area.

Choose your words and images carefully. You have a very limited opportunity to be convincing!


  An ending that tries to “clinch” the deal. Answer the following question—why is ancient Egypt so special that first-time tourists should make a major effort to see it?


  A Works Cited slide (Remember to cite your sources, that includes non-clipart images!)

So. . .put on your "thinking caps" and get started!


Helpful Hints!!!

Learn how to create multimedia presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint by viewing this fun-filled online tutorial. Just click on the link below!


Each member of the group should play a role in the presentation itself. Remember, you will be graded / assessed on how convincingly you “sell” ancient Egypt . Feel free to be dramatic!


Following each group presentation, the class (acting as the first-time tourists) will complete individual evaluations (supplied to you by your teacher) and ultimately decide on which presentation was the most convincing and why.