by Mayte Ortiz, APU

Students will begin to understand the differences between a hero and idol/celebrity. Collaboratively they will establish their own criteria for a hero. Students will select and report on a hero. Lastly they will create a mural representing their hero. They will present their mural to the class and explain their mural.


What is a hero or a heroine? What does it take to be a hero or heroine? What does a hero look like? What characteristics must someone have to be a hero? Who are some of the heroes from American history and in what ways were they heroic? Who are some famous and not so well- known heroes in the world today? What can they teach you about behaving like a hero? Could you be a hero? A hero makes a difference in their communities. A hero chooses to help the community. A hero listens to other ideas. A hero is a positive role model for others in the community. A hero does the right thing.