This is how your work will be evaluated.


Design and Layout
Layout is disorganized.  Design is not consistent and haphazard.  Font size, style and color are not uniform. Layout is partially organized but less than 50% of material.  Font size, style and color are infrequently uniform
Layout is simple and neat.  Font size, style and color are generally readable.

Layout is organized.  Design is pleasing to the eye.  Font size, style and color are eye catching.  

Graphics Graphics are distracting and do not connect with story. Stories are missing images Graphics are haphazardly selected.  Stories are missing images.
Graphics loosely connect to stories.  Some columns are missing image.
Graphics are well selected and appropriately connect with stories.  Each story has at least one image.

Mechanics and Spelling
Errors in spelling and punctuation throughout newsletter.  Grammar and sentence formation have errors that distract from meaning. Reasonable control of spelling and punctuation.  Some grammar and sentence formation errors interfere with idea presentation. Minor errors in spelling and punctuation.  Some grammar and sentence formation errors but they do not interfere with meaning. Newsletter is free of spelling error and punctuation errors.  There are no errors in grammar or in sentence formation.

Teamwork Contributes little or nothing to the group's efforts.  Difficulty getting along with members of group. 
Works towards group's goals with prompting.  When reminded will show sensitivity to others.
Works towards group's goals without prompting.  Occasionally offers suggestions to accomplish goals.  Shows sensitivity to others.
Willingly accepts assignments in order to accomplish goal.  Values the ideas of group members.  Consistently meets deadlines for each step of project.
Articles are skewed to one type of column.  There is little evidence of research with the use of only one source. Little or no use of graphic organizers.    Articles show some thought to selection of types of columns.  Limited use of resources. Graphic organizers haphazardly used. Good ideas for articles with some variety. Evidence of some research and planning. Graphic organizers were used with some but not articles.
Excellent ideas for articles with a variety of types of articles.  There is evidence of extensive research using a variety of print and non/print material.  Extensive use of graphic organizers.