First your group should decide on what types of articles you would like to include.  There should be at least 4 headlines and articles.  Each article should have an appropriate picture attached. Below is a list of ideas you can go with.  If you find or think of something else you would like to write about “go for it”!


  Examples are: News of the day such as the reporting of a battle

                     Interview a famous person


                     Directions for a game

                     Description of the clothing of the time

                     A review of a dance or piece of music

                     An Advice Column (Dear Abby)


Decide if you would like to use Microsoft Publisher or Microsoft Word to create your newsletter. Decide which person will be responsible for each column.


Begin the research process.  You must use at least one book and one print encyclopedia.  Use the electronic card catalog to find your material.  Included below is a list of websites you will find helpful.


Use Graphic Organizer to help you organize your thoughts.


Keep track of your sources.  Remember to copy the copyright page of any books you use so that you may properly cite each source.



Education in the colonies

Founding Fathers Biographies

Colonial Kids

Life in Colonial Times from Encarta

America’s Story from the Library of Congress

Colonial Life for Kids

Colonial Music resource for teachers

Midi music for examples

Food in the colonies


Writing the articles and putting it all together.

Remember your lessons about parts of a newspaper.