by Dorothy Hunt, MacMillan International

A journal is found after 156 years. The student must create this journal about the travels from one place to another (east to west). This activity is about western expansion and the life skills the person uses along his trip. The students decide on who they are (fictional or real), where they are going, what they see along the way, and what they will do once they get at their destination. The students must include obstacles, landmarks, and planning of the trip. They will gather objects (or create their own) of things that their person may have picked up on their journey.


Your trunk is found 156 years after your death in the attic of your great, great, grandchild's house.   They are earnestly examining all of the objects in your trunk.  They find a journal that tells the story of how your came to settle in this special location.  They also find a map that you made as well as some items you picked up along your journey.