1. You should further research information in relation to the time period that supports what you have learned in class.

2. Construct a graphic organizer in order to organize events, people, and documents in order.

3. Identify a couple of historical elements that you may want to include in your essay.

4. You then should organize your research and decide how to order them in your essay.

5. You should decide what "people" you are going to be referring to throughout your essay.

6.You then should come up with supporting details that support the main factors of your essay.

7. You then, after gathering all your research together, should create an outline.

8. You then should begin writing your essay.

9. After finishing your essay reread it and revise it.

10. When the revision process is complete submit your essay.

Here are some resources that you should use:

Historical Highlights of North Carolina:

Story telling of North Carolina Native Americans: 

Crafting North Carolina:

History Highlights: 



1.  As you continue your research are are writing your essay, it is a great idea to "sketch out" what your essay is going to look like. This can be in the form of an outline or ideas that are written on a spare piece of paper.  

2. Consider what ideas and topics will enrich your essay and support the point that you are attempting to make.

3. Once you have ":played" with a variety of ideas, then narrow your planning process to include the ones that you like.

4. You should write a rough draft.

By now you should have something written. this can be a rough draft or a final copy. You should get with a fellow classmate and exchange papers and read on another's. It never hurts to have a fresh pair of eyes to look over your work. This step is important and you should begin to finalize your essay and prepare it to be turned in.