by Jennifer Stoves, Panther Valley

Through the use of this webquest students will learn basic vocabulary and use this vocabulary to form basic sentence structures in Spanish as well as communicate verbally with one another through the use of dialogues, written assignments, and various classroom activities.


What is the importance of learning another language?

Imagine you are on vacation in a foreign country that speaks Spanish as the primary language. You do not know anybody there and all of the natives are only able to converse in Spanish. You walk into a restaurant and cannot read the menu to know what to order. What would you do?

The second assignment in this unit of study is a letter to an imaginary penpal. You are writing to a Pen Pal in a Spanish speaking country. You want to tell the Pen Pal a little bit about yourself including your name, age, where you live, where you go to school, and some of your interests.

The final assignment in this unit of study is composing a portfolio of all of the work that you have done in this course up until this point. This gives you an opportunity to self reflect on what you have done so far and self reflect on what you feel you need additional help with. This portfolio will be collected at the end of the unit.

In the following page is a description of what will need to be done for each assignment throughout this unit.


  Argentina               Bolivia                  Chile                Colombia


                 Costa Rica                 Cuba                   Ecuador


   El Salvador               Espana                  Guatemala              Honduras


                   Mexico                      Nicaraugua                 Panama


   Paraguay                       Peru                Puerto Rico           Republica Dominicana


                                     Uruguay              Venezuela