by Pamela Yuen, University Of British Columbia

This webquest is designed to help students explore our world's oceans and seas. Students should be able to identify the different oceans and seas as well as locate them on a map or globe. Students should also have a basic understanding of the geographical features of the oceans and seas. In the end, they will be gathering information on specific bodies of water and will become experts on the ocean/sea of their choice. These bodies of water will be viewed from multiple points of views: as a habitat, as a resource, and as an environment needing protection.


Have you heard about the big race?

It is a race around the world, but here is the tricky part: it's on water.

Teams need to discover as many oceans and seas as they can and then find their way home.  Bring a pencil and a notebook for drawing and taking notes because you will have to prove you were there.  There is still time to enter the race, but hurry!