by Lisa Nassin, Lake Forest College


   This WebQuest was designed to bring students back to the time of the Silk Road. Students will learn how the 4,000 mile long road from China to Rome influenced the transmission of cultures and trade of goods. Many people benefited from the trade routes and the many goods they gained along the way. Without the Silk Road, life would have been extremely different for many people.


A Journey on the Silk Road

    So far in class, we have learned that the Silk Road was instrumental in the development and expansion of trade in China, Rome, and Egypt. Much of the modern world of Asia would not be as culturally diverse and abundant in a vast amount of goods if the Silk Road was never established.

   Your job as a historian is to continue taking a journey on the Silk Road and infer what life would have been like without the trade route. Analyze and support with evidence how peoples lives and modern day China would have been different without the Silk Road.



BigQuestion: What would life be like in China without the establishment of the Silk Road?