by Lisa Novine, Lake Forest College

One of the most far-reaching legacies of Reconstruction in the South was embodied in the creation and passage of "Jim Crow" laws favoring racial segregation. Although many students are familiar with the general term, this Webquest provides learners with an opportunity to investigate the origins of Jim Crow, using different areas of the social studies discipline to follow its evolution as a de facto social norm, particularly in the South. This teaching tool is designed to accompany a Reconstruction unit, as it specifically highlights the early years of the Jim Crow Era in America and is appropriate for secondary level students.


Jim Crow Laws in the South

     As you have probably discovered from past experience, one of the best ways to learn and remember information is to teach someone the material and skills that you already know.  This makes you somewhat of an expert! 

     Keeping that in mind, you will have the chance to practice this and be an "expert" on an aspect of Jim Crow Laws in the South using this Webquest activity.  Working in groups of four with clearly defined roles, you will have the chance to use the internet to investigate and learn about the origins and legacy of Jim Crow in the South and then show me what you have learned in an authentic and unique way.  This is an especially meaningful topic study and assignment for our current unit on Reconstruction because it is an example of an obstacle that impeded true equality for African Americans and other minority groups in our country for decades; additionally, it is an issue we will continue to revisit as our class moves forward in time to study future eras.



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