Step 1:

Before planning your journey you need to visit the seven different continents online and discover what one location on that continent that Flat Stanley might want to go to. You can search the sites listed to determine your seven locations that you want Flat Stanley to visit. Use the websites below to start your search.

National Geographic Kids - Countries 

Countries of the World

World Fact Book


Step 2:

Once you have searched the websites and chosen your seven locations, you will complete the Where in the World is Flat Stanley? worksheet. Make sure to include:

the name of the country

the continent it is located on

another country it borders

the flag

land forms

capital city

fun facts about the country

Step 3:

Which continent is missing from your Where in the World is Flat Stanley? worksheet.  Let's study the final continent by visiting these sites:

Enchanted Learning: Antarctica

Ducksters: Antarctica

Is Antarctica divided into countries or is it one big continent?  Were you able to find an official Antarctica flag or a Capital City?  Why do you think those things don't exist?

Do people live on or visit Antarctica?  Why or Why not?

Which countries are interested in Antarctica?

Countries Studying Antarctica
What do they do there?
Living and Working in Antarctica